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Now its even easier walking 2 dogs at the same time! Simply attach your leash to coupler d-ring and walk 2 dogs at ease.available colours:blackredcaramelbluepink..
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Buddy Belt Harness Liners are extra soft leather pads that Velcro onto the BB Harness leg loops. BB Liners offer extra comfort for sensitive dogs or are simply to be used as added comfort until the BB Harness softens and forms itself to your dog.Use BB Liners if you notice irritated skin under your ..
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Whether your best friend accompanies you on a motorcycle ride, hangs their head out of the truck or car, loves to sunbathe, or is sensitive to light, Doggles will be sure to keep their precious eyes safe. You can rest assured, and they'll love the extra attention!16 years of experience has made Dogg..
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This dispenser is a convenient holder Earth Rated bags and also fits all standard-sized rolls.The adjustable strap allows it to attach to any size leash, while the screw-on dispenser top keeps bags secured (not dropped or lost!).Includes one unscented starter roll of 15 bags...
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The best-smelling dog waste bags on the market are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof! This refill pack includes 8 rolls of 15 lavender-scented bags that fit into most standard-sized leash dispensers. 120 bags total.features:120 bags8 refill rolls of 15 bags per rollrolls fit into stand..
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For pet owners who love Earth Rated bags but prefer a fragrance-free option, this box of 120 unscented bags is a great refill pack and fits most standard-sized leash dispensers.features:120 bags8 rolls of 15 bags per rollrolls fit into standard leash dispensersbags measure 9 x 13 inchesunscentedeasy..
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Have the ability and knowledge to provide emergency help for your pet. Comes with First Aid instructions and most everything you’d need in a first-response situation. Great to bring with you when yo'[re traveling with your dog.features:designed in partnership with Pet First Aidkit organizes supplies..
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Use this natural deterrent on dog coat, indoors on bedding, couches & carpet and on outdoor excursions. Avoid spraying in eyes, ears or nostrils. For external use only. Human Grade ingredients make this a healthy alternative for you too!features:eucalyptus, lemongrass & clove oils deter pestslavende..
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Let your pooch feel the love with the Kisses Pet Bow Tie Collar Attachment!red and hot pink lipstick kisses on a white backgroundeasy collar attachment with elastic band with touch fastenerlong tie style pet necktieYour pet is sure to look well loved in this Kisses Dog Bow Tie collar attachment. Per..
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Messy Mutts handheld water dispenser is ideal for walks, hikes, traveling or anywhere your access to water is limited. Just snap the bottle into the tray and squeeze! The bottle folds back into the tray for easy portability.features:easy to use design includes a plastic water bottle, dispenser tray ..
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The age old dilemma of being on a walk and caught without a baggie has been solved. This stylish little pouch snaps onto any leash. Lightweight yet roomy, it will accommodate not only the baggies but your keys and other essentials. Neoprene adds protection to such valuables as a cell phone.The nicke..
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Now its even easier walking 2 dogs at the same time! Simply attach your leash to d-ring and walk 2 dogs at ease. Great for smaller breeds under 20 pounds. available colours:blackredcaramelbluepink..
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