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brushes / combs / tools

brushes / combs / tools
We love the #1 All Systems Pin Brush! Great to use as it reduces discomfort when brushing your dog. The pins head do not have the bobbles on top that can pull at your dog's hair and matts. These pin brushes are made in Germany and are our best selling pin brush.features:1" stainless steel pins that ..
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Face and Finishing Comb is the perfect size for working around faces, ears, eyes and hard to reach areas.Designed by groomers specifically to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury. Combs are an essential tool for fluffing, de-tangling, and removing dead hair from medium to long-haired dogs...
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Oblong Pin Brush features 1" stainless steel pins that penetrate deeply into the coat.Pins are demagnetized to decrease static. Superior pad design allows pins to rotate with tangles, reducing discomfort.Features an ergonomically shaped wooden handle for reduced stress on the hands and arms. 8" brus..
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