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The spiral chew is made from a beef tendon and is the top selling treat. The unique design of this treat creates a natural chewing friction against the teeth which helps to clean teeth. We have not met a dog yet who has turned down one of these tasty treats.They are all natural with no preservatives..
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A freeze dried, raw chew that helps support strong and clean teeth.USA sourced, made, and packaged. With no added hormones or antibiotics, no added fillers or flavorings, no artificial preservatives or colors, no synthetic vitamins or minerals and no rendered by-products.features:raw, freeze driedso..
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Perfect for puppies or older dog's, Aron's veal chews are easier to chew then the cow bully sticks.Digestible, no salt or sugar added. 5 x 5" in each pack.100% Canadian beef...
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